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A guidebook for social impact assessment practitioners, decision makers and individuals concerned about the social impacts of particular proposals.

This handbook takes a new approach to the accepted methodologies integrating practical experience with theory and evidence.

‘This handbook fills a glaring gap in the market for a publication that presents a clear and thorough explanation of the central issues in SIA.’

Professor Peter Phibbs, Urban Research Centre, University of Western Sydney

Alison Ziller, PhD, is a Sydney-based social planner with many years experience in social impact assessment. She is also a university lecturer and teaches social impact assessment to urban planning undergraduates and postgraduates and practicing social planners.

Published by Australia Street Company P/L
ISBN 978-0-646-57981-8
Publication date: July 2012
Price AUS$33.00
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160 pages

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Compiled by Australia Street Company with assistance from Elizabeth Delaney (Community Dimensions Pty Ld).

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